My eTwinning project plan

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Reflection on my project design

When someone first time doing something completely new like me when I made the draft project, can not be expected to immediately be completely perfect, I know that.On the other hand moderators recommendation was to be a fully understanding in the evaluation of what I did. Draft project that I got to grade which consisted of five sentences assess himself as good. And on the and of this challenge this draft and my had same mark.

What happened with scores and comments that I have received from collegeagues?

General details:


After two weeks…

As a novice eTwinner, I begin to understand the importance of it as the way that my work with students to be better. Last week was filled with teachers sharing experiences from different countries, the recommendations of the tools in the classroom, useful projects, etc. I write this post as a reminder of useful things that we share in that time.

Useful tools:

Create stories using social media

The best web tool to create engaging interactive visual content

Digital magazine

Digital newspapers, portfolio, magazine and more

Stories and more

Mind map

Movie Maker


Math in Practical Life


Scratch and Google

I make my first app

This is not final list….

How can I improve my teaching?

My students love my subject, they are interested and ready to participate in all activities and competition for which I prepare them. I introduced many innovations in the work with them  ( new tools, program, events, STEM, etc). Some of that innovations I find on Internet, many of them I learn on the website Microsoft in EducationEuropean Schoolnet Academy, courses like this, etc.

Because of that I am very satisfied with my work, but it can always be better. I would like to flip my cllasroom and just made first steps to do that. Also I’d like to apply some kind of project in eTwinning and on that whay my students will be able to colaborate with students from a different country. Last month I signed up on eTwinnig, so I am new on this area, I’ll do my best to improve my work.

I hope so that this course will help me to achieve successe.

Interesting projects: CyberdiscoveryScratch+GoogleScience Project- iTEC.

Analyzing my teaching (Padlet)

Some activities:

My students prepare for Scratch day:


Microsoft Developt Center Serbia visit our school:


We participated in festival of science Nauk nije bauk with the school for students with disabilities Smeh i suza with project “Current draw” (STEM project).




What is eTwinning?

eTwinning is the community for schools in Europe. eTwinning offers a platform for staff (teachers, head teachers, librarians, etc.), working in a school in one of the European countries involved, to communicate, collaborate, develop projects, share and, in short, feel and be part of the most exciting learning community in Europe.

eTwinning promotes school collaboration in Europe through the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) by providing support, tools and services for schools. eTwinning also offers opportunities for free and continuing online professional development for educators.